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Long time no see…

It’s been about two years since my last writing here on Vinland Shore. It’s been some time since I’ve bothered to welcome myself into the fold of sociopolitical, and commentary on the decline of the western world. However, I digress. I’ve been delving into another of a range of my interests, including writing in other capacities, artwork and language.

I recently had some Genetic testing done for the sake of my own curiosity. Using the AncestryDNA service primarily in addition to some online databases, in particular. While I found AncestryDNA is decidedly vague in analyzing your autosomal results. Although it is broadly accurate over populations it won’t satisfy those of you that are more interested in a deeper understanding of your own ancestry. There are a number of other sources that will compare your results against databases to give you a more accurate representation, in a regional breakdown of your ancestry.

Screenshot 2018-11-27 at 19.16.05


One of these tools being GEDmatch which has numerous calculators for comparing rawDNA.
Below is an example of my ancestry results reflected by the MDLP K16 calculator 4-way Oracle developed by Alexandr Burnashev.

Using 1 population approximation:
1 English_Kent @ 2.153893
2 French_WestFrance @ 2.597180
3 Irish_Connacht @ 2.661182
4 English_Cornwall @ 2.820211
5 Scottish_Highlands @ 3.143058
6 Scottish_Grampian @ 3.287263
7 Irish_Ulster @ 3.343463
8 Scottish_Dumfries_Galloway @ 3.406949
9 Irish_Cork_Kerry @ 3.498379
10 Shetlandic_Shetland_Islands @ 3.502238
11 Irish_Leinster @ 3.532630
12 Scottish_Borders @ 3.822586
13 Scottish_Fife @ 3.838847
14 English_England @ 3.840620
15 Irish_Munster @ 3.984138
16 French_France @ 4.400902
17 Orcadian_Orkney_Islands @ 5.297052
18 Scottish_Argyll_bute @ 5.399024
19 Welsh_Wales @ 5.700744
20 Dutch_Netherlands @ 5.923079

Using 2 populations approximation:
1 50% English_Kent +50% French_WestFrance @ 1.811171

Using 3 populations approximation:
1 50% English_Kent +25% German_Germany +25% Scottish_Argyll_bute @ 1.591279

The results are listed in a rank-ordered plot, of closest approximate populations from the respective regions of Europe. Then divided into two, and three population correlations relative to my personal results. These results fall correctly in line with my Genealogical research from my family tree in proportional representation located there.

There are many additional tools, available through GEDmatch. While I won’t be discussing all of them in this post the eye colour prediction system I’ve found interesting. My results, along with an actual image of my eye colour is shown below.

Eye Colour Prediction

In addition the relevant SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) and the position of the alleles attached therein. Whether being homozygous or heterozygous.

Screenshot 2018-09-25 at 18.27.43

The accuracy of this particular test is debated, and I’ve seen others results that are not as true to their real-world eye colour, but I find them to be interesting none the less. 


As well another resource although this second one is that of a private geneticist Lukasz Macuga available at lm-genetics which is available for 8,5 Euro or 10 USD. This provides access to one of the largest databases of population averages, and unlike the other available oracles like the one shown above, the reports available at lm-genetics give a much more region-specific output of your specific genetic data. It is also worth noting that the databases that Lukasz has available are more complete in whole than any commercial test currently available.

With additional correlations map Admix4 oracle, and plots (PCA and MDS) and dendrogram.

Below is an ancestral correlations map in the graphical representation of data followed by the populations distributed by rank ordered correlations


1 Cumbria 0,97522
2 Northern Ireland 0,97063
3 FR_West 0,96393
4 Orkney 0,96361
5 Wales 0,96231
6 England_North-East 0,961
7 England_North-West 0,96026
8 NL_Noord_Brabant 0,95851
9 Ireland 0,95822
10 England_South-West 0,95721
11 England_South-East 0,95707
12 Shetlands 0,95596
13 Scotland 0,95272
14 FR_North-West 0,95137
15 FR_Brittany 0,947
16 NL_Zuid_Holland 0,94522
17 Flemish 0,94037
18 NL_Overijssel 0,93878
19 DE Niedersachsen 0,93803
20 NL_Limburg 0,93725

Using 2 populations approximation:
1 Niedersachsen+FR_Brittany @ 5,044322
2 NL_Drenthe+FR_Brittany @ 5,159992
3 Niedersachsen+FR_West @ 5,258002
4 NL_Friesland+FR_Brittany @ 5,454768
5 Schleswig-Holstein+FR_Brittany @ 5,494483

Using 3 populations approximation:
1 50% FR_Brittany +25% NL_Drenthe +25% Cumbria @ 4,53065
2 50% FR_West +25% NL_Drenthe +25% Cumbria @ 4,547682
3 50% FR_Brittany +25% Mecklenburg-Vorpommern +25% NL_Drenthe @ 4,556569
4 50% FR_West +25% NL_Drenthe +25% Ireland @ 4,576506
5 50% Cumbria +25% NL_Drenthe +25% FR_Brittany @ 4,630153

Y-DNA Predictions

The yDNA results I gathered from a prediction service through MorleyDNA. As the AncestryDNA service doesn’t provide results for your yDNA haplogroup specifically. However, it doesn’t mean that it can not be found from your rawDNA results. However, this will not be able to provide you with an accurate representation of the phylogeny of your specific yDNA haplogroup. This is because most commercial autosomal tests do not test for the specific SNP markers associated with your personal branch or haplotype.

A Y-DNA haplogroup is a group of men sharing the same series of mutations on their Y chromosome, which they inherited from a long line of common paternal ancestors. A few new mutations, known as SNP’s, happen every generation, and are passed unchanged to the next generation. Classifying the accumulated SNPs generation by generation make it possible to retrace the genealogical tree of humanity with great accuracy, to detect patterns in the distribution of shared historical lineages and to retrace historical migrations of male lineages. (Hay, 2017 Eupedia)

below is an example of a phylogenetic tree of haplogroup I1

I1-tree-top (1)

Specifically using the Y-SNP converter, which pulls the available Y-SNP subclades from your autosomal test results. Personally, my most accurate prediction for my yDNA haplogroup is I1. This result isn’t a surprise as it lines up with my Paternal Norman heritage.

below is a distribution map of the yDNA haplogroup I1 throughout Europe sourced from


“Haplogroup I1 is the most common type of haplogroup I in northern Europe. It is found mostly in Scandinavia and Finland, where it typically represent over 35% of the Y chromosomes. Associated with the Norse ethnicity, I1 is found in all places invaded by ancient Germanic tribes and the Vikings. After the core of ancient Germanic civilisation in Scandinavia, the highest frequencies of I1 are observed in other Germanic-speaking regions, such as Germany, Austria, the Low Countries, England and the Scottish Lowlands, which all have between 10% and 20% of I1 lineages”. (Hay, 2017 Eupedia) 

This should demonstrate how much you can extrapolate on from a little data. Also, a way for me to share with some of my readers a bit about my genetic history. In the future, I may discuss also some more analysis in regards to ancient populations. The ancient populations I find in particular to be very interesting. There will be more of the same material as my previous writing in the future. I won’t turn this into a genetics blog altogether.

Also, I am 3.25% Neanderthal apparently…



A ‘National‘ Anthem, undergoes a gendered change…

One hundred fifty years of the existence of Canada, my family has been here for two hundred fifty. Long before there were settlements, long before there were roads. Long before this place was known as such. They set out from Europe, laid their claims on land and sea. They fished, they hunted. They wrought from the earth an existence on this harsh island I still call my home. My ancestors fought the Ottomans under the British flag, and my Grandfather fought his brothers under that same Union Jack.

After the Second World War, my island was consigned to Canada. An incredulous referendum. Not for the people, but for those who saw fit to sell this island. There are many now who still contest it. However it was not for them to decide; burned ballots. Despite the title of Democracy that is placed on such a government. The illusion which does not delude the minds of the people who still remember the poll. Many of them are still with us fortunately…

There is no such thing as a Canadian as I see it. It is a ‘Nationality‘ of nothing, a lineage that anyone can lay claim to. An ambiguous chaos of unlikeness in every way without significance, nor of any quality. Once great in ambition now cheapened by charlatans, engineers of insipid uniformity under a shelter of diversity. The once great life blood of the men and women who poured their salt & blood into the ground for debased weeds to root noisome in the dust of our ancestors graves.

I have never been Canadian, I had no choice into what I was born. I have no choice in the direction of this Nation, so why should I abide by it. What joy could one take laboring under the delusion of decision. It makes me stomach sick…if we traded currency as we valued cultural identity we might well use shit, for gold is much too hard to find…in a time it would shine over those pine covered hills with each morning. Now the sun rises over a mire, colourless and void…

In Defense of Sanity


This ubiquitous topic is going to continue to be a very disputed subject. However some articles, videos I have seen recently, have drawn this issue to the forefront of my thoughts. There are groups of people who would advocate for young men to disassociate from the company of women all together…

So called mennists or men’s rights activists would argue adolescent men, young men should go their own way. The importance of the influence of women in the life of a man is crucial in many aspects. Rather some would suggest that men don’t need women. That modern women especially are worth less than the time they are allotted. Only a sore spot that could potentially wholly avoided. Worth much less than the difficulty of maintaining a relationship, family goals, and should be altogether avoided.

In turn men should only focus on their own goals, objective success and career taking a backseat to other hobbies which largely revolve around culture of consumption, and largely degenerative behavior in the form of worthless hobbies, and literature and film without substance or objective value. If perhaps these people advocated for the gradual progression of skills that were worthwhile. Such as mathematics, language, history et cetera…instead focus almost entirely on hedonistic activities. Mostly it seems out of spite for the perceived actions of the modern woman. Disregarding completely more advantageous or beneficial activities, both in health of the body, and of mind.

I don’t discount some of the relevance of these perspectives, given the rise of modern feminism which is as a whole toxic. Yet just as toxic an influence that modern feminism and other movements are. Young women seek to find an identity just as all young people this is just another that is easy to grasp it’s also very popular. Which can aid in mobility in social, and peer groups. So of course is it attractive to attach oneself to such ideals. Yet! any and all that would seek make a divide between man and woman must be viewed in the same context. It can only be a negative to form such a barrier between the two sexes. The desire to only burn away with life-wasting hobbies a particularly vexing to my eye.

It’s no doubt that it is increasingly difficult to find someone who you can associate with. Especially in the opposite sex; specially if you are a person who has largely conservative views. In this world polluted with propaganda against such views. Propaganda against traditionalism, tribalism, homogeneity…There are good women out there, and if you listen to these children speaking about sour grapes. Completely removing themselves from the prospect of having a future, then you too will be forgotten. Your spirit will find it’s end in you, not only your spirit but that of your ancestors too.

prometheus falling


The adolescent or young adult, as I once heard a man say goes through a series of progressions in attempting to find knowledge. That is knowledge of his/her own place in the world, and what direction they might take. As a result of this the first thing often done is to grasp onto a system of ideals. Without a proper sense of identity in turn…perhaps falling into one of many cliques that they will remain in for sometime.

They will discover, perhaps a character or movement that they might believe is suitable to them. Sometimes simply to provoke, other times to gain some form of social acceptance. As that in itself is quite the commodity, and has been for some time. Social climbing, by moving from person to person to gain something. Whether it is financial, or as I mentioned the previous form social currency.

In the eyes of many they might seem a desirable person to surround one self with. Someone who is well socialized can be seen as trustworthy, while someone who excludes or remains often isolated will seem too the group to be suspicious in the least. As well others in the larger group other so called climbers will have nothing to gain from associating with such a person.

Of course there are those would never become aware of the fact that the superficial interactions they share are only that. They either vehemently deny the possibility they could be so narcissistic or ignore it. I can’t say for certain because I don’t believe I could go on acting in this manner before it became nauseating. It’s like your whole personality is a massive fraud. Not just your interactions, but you. You’ve become at this point a counterfeit person, all your interactions charming charismatic and all together seated squarely on the precipice of deceit.

The only one deceived is your own purpose. The morals and objective social goalpost relevant now are self-serving. Though people would appear benevolent towards the causes of others, and the greater good. They are only concerned truly with how they appear to their peers, and consequently their peers to them. It’s quite a contrived apex of perjury of character.

Maybe a man can step outside the infinite regression of egoism, to put aside their desire for satisfaction, and the satisfaction for desire. Of course this is nothing new to man. The constant moral upmanship will not die any time soon…

“The truest mark of having been born with great qualities is to have been born without envy”

– François de La Rochefoucauld

Through the eyes of Juvenal


Thoughts for me are much more clear at night. I suppose at the end of the day I’ve had time to collect myself and examine the events of the day. As well it’s much quieter at night, there’s less to distract, less noise. My town is quite small, and it seems to fall asleep rather quickly. It’s the time I also write the most often…

Winter has long since set in, and the air is crisp and austere. It’s invigorating and makes me feel alive. I’ve tried at late to pay much less attention to what’s trending so to speak. What’s happening politically and socially. It quickly overwhelms me to attempt making people understand my objective position on nearly anything. I feel as though I’ve wasted my spirit and compromised my vitality on those who would be compelled to dismiss anything that doesn’t adhere.

It might sound as though an incredibly self-indulgent; per contra I feel as though I’ve been much too benevolent towards people who don’t care to improve. There have been movements or perhaps opinions that have become the good thing to do, at least the good thing to been seen saying. Emerging so quickly over the past few years it’s almost mind-bending.

Of course none of this is new to any of my readers, yet I’m exhausted from lending my ear, exhausted from letting it get under my skin. I have better things to work towards, better things to lend my presence and most of all my time too. I doesn’t mean that I don’t care about these issues ever-present, but it feels as though I’ve been wasting my time in trying to defend common logic and reason over feelings of any and all minority group that is screaming oppression.

This isn’t a resolution in the New Years sense. I believe a positive resolution to make a positive change doesn’t need to be justified by a calendar date. Nor do any political statements need to be judged by something as abstract as a date. I think this is a year to be selfish, and by that disregard the things that only bring me grief and anger. The things that make me question the pillars on what western civilization were established and the current torrent; the insufferable deluge of idiocy! full of the rhetoric that is disintegrating the very foundation of it all.

Le mal du pays, nostalgie


In the middle of the night I awoke, and began to frantically scratch down notes about something I wanted to discuss. A dream that I had died. In my dream I was outside my self, and I was following my body throughout my daily mundane activities…

I quickly noticed banal repetition, and not fear nor anxiety did I feel of being in this state. Instead I was in despair,  I felt as though I wasn’t working hard enough. Had I actually died at this point and I really was watching my life from some point beyond how satisfied would I have been with it. It was a constant thing on the edge of my mind throughout that day. I began to think of the things I had done. I dreamt at long in nostalgia of the things I have seen, the places and the faces that I recall.

Sometimes these day dreams were beautiful, and other times painful as I recalled loss and absence of things I once held dear to me. All of these things create through fondness, and through pain the desire to do more, to see more and to live better above all else. I feel as though sometimes when I’m at a particular moment I can know that this moment in particular will be one that I will look back upon. It’s a beautiful and saddening thing because it above all crimson stark and all at once pale the brevity of life itself.

I don’t know if I am depressed, or perhaps I’m more in touch with my surroundings but I notice these things a lot. It’s as if my senses are always set to very high. I can’t help it, but it sometimes is overwhelming. I have to keep pushing myself, and reclaim the lost ground.


The New Renaissance

1896 Oil on canvas, 98×163 cm City Art Galleries, Manchester, England Digital restoration: Dale Cotton, 2010:
Perhaps Renaissance is not the first term, imagine if you will with ever synonym you wish. Resurgence, revival, renewal, what ever you desire its name be…it is a new dawn. If you’ve at all been aware of recent events, and I should not need to explain my meaning. We’ve come to an apex; a culmination of years of trial to have the message heard. Although, refusing to accept what we would offer in kindness, and out of the goodness of our hearts and minds. After a long enough time people would begin to wake up, and slowly, inevitably it is happening.

The events are unfolding in such a manner that it cannot possibly be ignored any longer. Perhaps we have contributed with wisdom, if people would listen. Perhaps my words have gone unread by only those who are eager and fascinated to see. Now it’s as a clap of thunder, the clouds have rolled back, the river bed has dried revealing the bottom to everyone who could stand at those banks. Only the willfully blind could still stand in ignorance to the truth we have known all along.

I don’t know if the world is ready, but I am ready. For all the brothers and sisters of Europa everywhere; to be together and stand shoulder to shoulder against what can no longer be ignored. I have found more happiness recently than I have in many months, I am glad to be here.

Ēostre or Ostara; The Germanic Easter Goddess?

Ostara by Johannes Gehrts

Ostara by Johannes Gehrts

You’ve probably yourself wondered why eggs, rabbits are symbols of Easter and the origin of Easter itself. Long before the Christianization of European tradition and other cultures there was celebration for the rite of spring. Before Christianity (Ēostre or Ostara Old English: Ēastre, Old High German: Ôstara, and Austrō in Proto-Germanic language) itself derives from prefix of the Proto-Indo-European root *aus-, meaning ‘to shine’. Linguists have also connected this name to one of the most important goddesses of reconstructed Proto-Indo-European religion. She is the personification of dawn named Hausōs in reconstructed Proto Indo-European.

The first reference to such a goddess is attributed to Eostre is written by a Christian Monk by the name of Bede in Monkwearmouth, Northumbria, England. His book The Reckoning of Time (De temporum ratione) (725) when discussing the English months.

“Nor is it irrelevant if we take the time to translate the names of the other months. … Hrethmonath is named for their goddess Hretha, to whom they sacrificed at this time.  Eosturmonath has a name which is now translated “Paschal month”, and which was once called after a goddess of theirs named Eostre, in whose honour feasts were celebrated in that month.  Now they designate that Paschal season by her name, calling the joys of the new rite by the time-honoured name of the old observance.  Thrimilchi was so called because in that month the cattle were milked three times a day…” (Bede .53-54)

So it can be inferred that she is a literal personification of the first light from the rising of the sun in the spring equinox, consequently light, and fertility. The month of April or Ōstar-mānod (Ostermonat, Easter month) on the Germanic Calendar; the goddess the very namesake of the month. Of course this conclusion is not exempt from some conjecture. Whether or not she was indeed simply a fertility goddess, or rather a goddess of sunrise. I think it’s abundantly clear that she is the latter, as even her name is the akin the direction of dawn. It’s then unavoidable to be associated with the sun, growth, fertility.

The connection for rabbits to the old tradition is also often contested by scholars on the subject. Charles J. Billison in Folk Lore Vol.III (1892) cites that there are many references to folk customs in Northern Europe during this period involving hares…

“whether there ever was a goddess named Eostre, or not, and whatever connection the hare may have had with the ritual of Saxon or British worship, there are good grounds for believing that the sacredness of this animal reaches back into an age still more remote, when it probably played a very important part at the great Spring Festival of the prehistoric inhabitants of this island. It appears likely that the hare was originally a totem, or divine animal among the local aborigines, and that the customs at Leicester and Hallaton are relics of the religious procession and annual sacrifice of the god.” ( Billison. 448)

Rabbits as well have always been a strong symbol of fertility, and fecundity. Prolific for their reproductive ability, even being able to conceive one litter of offspring while still being pregnant with the first. Eggs of course are laid by birds in the spring, and the Easter Rabbit or Easter Hare goes about in a literal way giving new life and birth, in a symbolic representation of the goddess. German immigrants brought the Easter Hare to Sweden in the late 19th century, However, due to a misunderstanding of the Swedish word for the Easter Hare, Påskharen, which sounds very similar to Påskkarlen, meaning the Easter Man or the Easter Wizard, the Swedish tradition of the Easter Wizard. The Easter Wizard was seen a suitable symbol for the pagan Easter traditions of Sweden (which I think is pretty neat) where still today children dress up as witches at Easter.

Whether or not it’s clear that there ever was a goddess in Europe dedicated alone to the celebration of the spring Equinox. Tacitus described in Germania or (De Origine et situ Germanorum) (98) that the early Germanic peoples only celebrated three seasons equivalent to spring, summer, and winter. Although much of what the Romans wrote about the Germanic peoples is considered with prudence. Íslendingabók or (The Law Book of Iceland) states Germanic Icelanders divided the year into only summer and winter. (I believe this could however be related to the geographic conditions of Iceland itself.) 

Whether this was an actual deity goddess that was worshiped by early Germanic peoples is under a lot of conjecture; very littler is written in reference to her. As well much of what is written could have been done so to create an image of the pagan Europeans from the perspective of Christians. So rather than give definitive answers; instead you can yourself look on it critically as I myself do, and I encourage you draw your own conclusions on the subject.

Simulacra et Simulation


In another time I had been a rather avid fan of computer gaming in general. The worlds created by minds similar to my own, of fantasy and adventure beyond that was attainable within the banal confines of daily life. My escapades into the unknown as a child as I detailed in Tabula Rasa & The Sublimation of Imagination, were mild in comparison to that of which computer gaming made available. Unfortunately like other things a sense of stagnation has crept in regarding my status as an admirer of these simulated worlds.

The advent of online gaming had never an ounce of appeal to me; even those scenarios that might be intended primarily for such an environment. Did not interest me in the very least rather I would be content to work against a computer AI, as opposed to another person. I have thought long and hard on what may separate myself from those who thoroughly enjoy online connectivity. I’ve ever experienced the feeling of loneliness or unbearable solitude that others have complained of. Of course I am not speaking from inexperience and I have given significant effort to enjoy these systems. Many of the mass online games all of which I have attempted have left me bored, disinterested in general.

The issue arises when someone is attempting to persuade a very large number of people to partake in a particular environment. It then becomes very difficult to appeal to each individual taste and what remains is an utter disarray, a jumble of every theme imaginable. When it arrives at this point my tolerance is excessively minute; I am utterly inflexible when it comes to cross-over in fiction of any kind. It’s something I’ve always been adamant about, and mixing opposing time periods or environments in close proximity to one another is a complete deal breaker. However my opinion on this subject is not one that is commonly shared, and my views are rather abstruse.

Yet my views withstanding this is what is now occurring on a massive scale in computer gaming, as it has become more mainstream as a result of ‘gamer culture’ it has to cater to a larger group of people. As such computer games are being produced in much the same way as Hollywood films. As it was computer games were a method of escaping the turbulent world around myself. Now however both of these worlds have become one, Marxist political agendas have become rife in computer games as the audience widens like a wound. No longer can I enjoy  time enveloped in a world to escape as the computer simulated one is merely a reflection of the world we exist in.

As as result more of my time engaged in computer gaming is devoted independent developers, and their projects. Computer games as well I’ve played in excess of ten years ago as these are not compromised in such a way. Where games are still developed as they once were. People who simply wanted to create an environment they thought was interesting and hadn’t been executed in such a manner before. At the present it has become no more than a vehicle for more vile political agendas as the remainder of major media.

(game shown is Mount & Blade Warband, with the module Brytenwalda which is highly recommended.)



The Abbey in the Oakwood

I was recently viewing a discussion on implied direction for the use of the Game Master role in a tabletop gaming environment. The technique when applied to give an increased subliminal layer of description for role-playing. I’ve embed a link here, and highly recommend you check out his channel. If you are interested in this type of thing you will find it invaluable. In summary the DM giving narration, and while in character for the NPCs in the game would play an even more cerebral level of interaction. Relying on very unobtrusive signals for the Player Characters to detect and interpret.

I’m not nearly as experienced in the realm of tabletop gaming as this fellow. It’s evident the people with whom he plays are far more adept, and perceptive when playing. Most of the people in my generation have comparably atrocious attention spans. It seems that if you don’t wave something in plain view, we are completely oblivious to it. I know almost certainly if I were to attempt to introduce this into a DM role it would likely remain undiscovered. Day to day conversation is a monumental task to find yourself talking to someone who doesn’t have half their attention devoted to a smart phone. Then only have to repeat what you’ve said initially, or just give up.

So as technology disconnects us more and more, and emotionally distances us as well. I am again reminded of my childhood, I think of my friends and family who I used to play with. In regards to our communication it seems as though we understood ourselves more clearly. The non-verbal cues were almost exclusively what we played with, still we weren’t confused. We laughed more than we spoke it seems, and sometimes we yelled or cried! With our faces we spoke, and our actions became symbols on the ground etched with sticks. A simple glance and we would know what our next destination was. Indeed children would probably pick up more quickly an implied direction by a good DM, than most adults these days.

So what is it that separates the creative intuition of a child’s mind from the adult? Where is the exact point that we lose our imagination? What’s the reason behind it; why does our worldview fundamentally change so we never view it in the same manner?
If I were to stand in front of a box of toys that I had as a child, there would be tiny vehicles, plastic soldiers, bricks for building structures from. As a child they were an incredibly vivid world, I could build or line up army men or push a truck around in the dirt. I don’t understand now why it was fun for me, it just was. As you get older if becomes more and more difficult to quantify with the imaginative energy that makes it enjoyable. Eventually it just all looks like plastic molded to take the shape of something else.

It would seem there is a Pavlovian fear response when people encounter something involved in creativity. As creativity is associated with imagination, which is in turn associated with childishness. Which we all know is a negative thing…even now those people who are involved in occupations or education that involves creativity be it writing, or art or music are regarded as flakes. People exclaim in despair “They obviously aren’t taking their lives very seriously” So how can it come as any surprise when people consume what they are fed, resisting must lead to failure?

“You don’t want to be come a starving artist, striving for something you care about. Who wants to fret about integrity. Why not become an accountant, or better yet a lawyer. Now there’s some stability; you want stability in your life don’t you?!”

The child’s mind is the creative mind, despite all the toys I had the thing I valued the most as a child. The pen and the paper; my fathers instruments, paint and clay that I could shape into anything my heart desired. There was the true freedom, not in anything that was manufactured, but my mind the immeasurable kingdom. I look now at the brilliant minds I knew as a child their spirit is crippled, and their features parallel their essence. The void created in the spirit of man, and those faces I used to know haunt me more than words can describe.

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